Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our  mission is to help people of our town and local community become fully-committed followers of Jesus.

Our Vision

Imagine a church that’s flooding its local community with the light of the gospel and making a visible difference to the lives of all kinds of people: that’s what we long to see at Emmanuel Church, on the West Hill of Hastings, to the glory of God.

As we look to the future we envision a growing and dynamic, gospel-hearted church, full of men, women, and children who find their identity in Christ and rejoice in living for him. It’s a church with multiple, vibrant gospel ministries for all ages with trained and trustworthy leaders; where faithful bible teaching is valued and expected; where the gospel is proclaimed with urgency and purpose. It’s a church of disciple-making disciples; where members are experiencing the life-changing power of the gospel and helping others to experience it too.

It’s an others-focused church where we cherish one another in Christ; a family of believers who think of one another before themselves and gladly accept sacrifice for each other’s sake; where we love one another in practical ways and everyone gives and receives. It’s a church in which relationships are loyal, supportive and accountable; where names are remembered and absence is noticed; where we join together to laugh and cry, challenge and encourage, pray and praise.

It’s an outward-looking church that works for the good of our local community and seeks the lost with the gospel of grace in creative and relevant ways; a place where the needy find help, the broken find healing, the lonely find friendship, and all hear the offer of new life in Christ. It’s a church that’s committed to supporting other gospel ministries, in the UK and overseas, by giving its money and sending its people to serve in various ways.

This is our dream. We believe, under God, it will soon be reality, and we invite you to be part of it.